Kayaking & Snorkelling


We are the proud holders of the only Kayaking concession at Kosi Bay. Explore with us the waterways of the Kosi Bay lakes by sea kayak. Venture around the islands searching for the five different mangrove species and a myriad of birds, before paddling through the surf to the offshore reefs.


Rated as one of the best snorkeling spots on the planet (and called “The Aquarium” by many), Kosi Bay Mouth is a safe and enjoyable spot to see the underwater fauna. Never snorkelled before? Don’t worry Kosi Bay’s sheltered estuary is perfect for beginners.

The water may be shallow but there’s a surprising variety of tropical species like Devil Fire Fish, Honey Comb Moray Eels, Small Rays and thousands of reef species you’d expect to see further out at sea.

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