A beach day at Kosi bay!

Stephanie was more than a little happy at this prospect, although in truth we all were. It was hot, and the mere thought of swimming was making us all eager to get to the beach.

Even Tommy was eager to get to the water!

Kosi bay, nature tour, african safari

Tommy was all set for his day at the beach

The visit to the fishtraps is first. this sustainable fishing method is as much a part of conserving the area as preserving the traditional Tsonga culture.

Elmon explained how the fish trap worked to us and gave us spear fishing lessons to show us how hard it is, then it was time to walk/splash out to the fishtraps to take a look for ourselves.

kosi bay, south african safari and nature tour

Elmon shows us how it's done

african safari

Run away!

african safari at kosi bay

Elmon leads us into the trap

kosi bay african safari nature tour

Adrian shows that leaf who is boss!

We were in luck, one of Elmons fishtraps had bream, grunter, mullet and even kingfish! So we got to test our wits against that of the fish and try our hand at spearing dinner.

traditional fishtraps at kosi bay mouth

Looking for fish at one of Elmons traps

kosi bay african safari nature tour

Fighting over who will be first to spear

Stephanie speared her fish on the first try… Sleep with one eye open Adrian…!

amangwane kosi bay spearfishing

Steph shows us all how it is done on the first throw of her spear

south african safari, nature tour

Adrian teaches the fish a lesson

We all emerged from the handmade cage triumphant. We would have a feast tonight!

But no time for smugly posing with our catches…

…oh, ok then just a little…

african safari

Mr and Mrs Crusoe won't be hungry tonight!

african safari, nature tour , kosi bay beach

Adrian plays the man card and pretends he caught them all


african safari, nature tour, kosi bay

What now? Snorkelling!