Kayak Exploration!

My! What a busyweek it has been, first we have a full lodge, completely packed out!!

Then we get our Kayaking concession from parksboard meaning that we can now explore not only the lovely blue lakes of Kosi Bay, but also the many winding channels amongst the reeds and sand dunes of the Kosi Mouth Estuarine system.

But, we had no photos of these areas! So, as disappointed as we were at pulling ourselves away from work, we went to do some exploring.

Check out the video below – don’t worry, no sound, so it’s safe for work!

Rescued Owl

 We have adopted this juvenile White-faced Scops Owl, which was found away from its nest. It is being kept at our sister accommodation in Hluhluwe (Umkhumbi Lodge www.thewetlandpark.co.za) in a little owl house until it is ready to be released into the wild. According to Philip Coetzee (a South African bird guide and our identification expert!): They are amazing little birds and enjoy a diet of insects and small rodents and lizards. This one looks like it is almost ready to leave the nest.